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Matthew Rock

ENTERTAINMENT AT IT'S VERY BEST!                     07970 216459

Thank you for visiting the SINGING AND STUFF page. Here you will find all the information you need to get involved in a course and have a brilliant day doing what you love and hopefully learning a lot that is useful along the way.

There is a fair bit of information below, but please do have a good read and we look forward to seeing you soon!


Singing and Stuff is a one day workshop available to all keen singers from 16 upwards.

It aims to provide a fun, informative, useful workshop that allows you to spend the day exploring all sorts of useful information as well as your own voice. Through this process we work towards an evening performance to conclude and celebrate your efforts. The course "comes to you" - so there are no big expectations or any level of experience that you need to bring with you. The only expectation is that you will have a GREAT TIME!

The course is run by Matthew Rock. Please see sections from the drop down menu on the left for more information: (VOCAL COACH - MUSICAL DIRECTOR - MEDIA BLOG etc.............. )


The course aims to provide you with expert advice on things like:

Technical points on singing technique - Performance technique -

Working with an audience - Building your confidence - Delivering a song -

Using a microphone....and lots more.........

ABOVE ALL - there is NO EXPECTATION of anyone - the course is designed for you to take from it what you would like. As such it is presented in a relaxed but informative way and sets out to put everyone at ease before embarking on the technical, performance and singing aspects.

The day consists of a mix of presenting information, practical tasks and master-class style sections. Each participant is asked to bring a solo with them (with backing if possible) that they would like to perform in the evening concert. This is not compulsory however as throughout the day other types of performance opportunities will arise as well as a whole group song which happens at the end of the concert. You just need be someone who enjoys singing and feels like spending the day developing your voice and performance technique!


The day starts at 10am, with tea and coffee being served from 9.30am. It then runs through until 5pm, when there is a break prior to the concert. The concert takes place at 7.30pm, so this also allows a bit of breathing space. We have a late lunch at around 2pm, which is also included, to see you through until after the concert.


All you need to do now is enroll! - This is operated on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS.

There are a number of dates below when each course will run. A MAXIMUM OF 20 PEOPLE WILL BE INCLUDED ON EACH COURSE so that everyone gets as much out of it as we would like. Each course costs just £45.00 and includes a buffet lunch. Once you have signed up to the course, all the specifics will be sent to you as your place is confirmed. As soon as each course is full this will be shown below so please do not sign up if it says FULL.

Each member of the course is asked to invite as many friends and family to the evening performance as possible and we ask that each participant endeavours to have at least 4 people come to support them at the concert. (This is not a deciding factor - just something we ask you to try your best to do! - so please don't panic if you can't bring 4 people.) This then makes a superb evening event for all participants and audience. Each participant will be sent 4 tickets once you have enrolled with posters for your specific concert. It will also be possible to purchase tickets on the door at each evening event.

In each enrollment pack we will also provide details of the finale song. There will be some "pre-course" homework to do on this, but don't worry - it will all be straight forward.


It is with great pleasure that we are able to hold the courses at THE QUICKSILVER MAIL in YEOVIL. Not only is it a perfect setting to be in for the day, it is a really good room both to run the course and have an audience come and enjoy our evening show.

Here is a link to their website so that you can have a look if you need to.